Safari Fuels along 42nd Ave in Williston is closing its doors on April 1.

Safari Fuel in Williston is closing one of its locations, with plans to relocate and rebuild parts of the business.

Safari Fuel’s Racers station along 42nd Street West near Walmart will be closing April 1 in order to begin the process of remediation. Owner Raymond Melendez said a remediation company would be coming to the site to remove the station’s gas tanks and infrastructure in order to begin a thorough cleanup of the property.

“The intention is to rebuild the station to have a new, modern marquis site,” Melendez told the Williston Herald.

Melendez said the station’s employees have been offered positions at other locations, such as the former Racers on 26th Street and the Cenex station on Ninth Avenue Northwest. He added that he has proposed to move Safari Liquors to the former Pizza Hut delivery location along second avenue, which is currently undergoing interior renovations.

Melendez said his hope is to have a new facility in place by summer 2022, creating a new, modern fuel station for the area.

“The site is getting a new beginning after many years of service to the community,” he said. “The management is very thankful for the customers that have supported us, but often times with fuel stations, modernizing and redoing a facility requires remediation. The ownership group has worked diligently with the state for a workplan to remediate the ground and prep it for a future new development.”

Melendez said there are a few approvals needed before work can begin, but that updates regarding the project would be coming in the next month or so. Once approved, the remediation process should take between 60 and 90 days.

“It’s a new birth, something old is becoming new again.” Melendez said. “Once it’s remediated it will be ready for a new project, and I’m hoping it will be our new project.”

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