Special delivery! Famous Dave's of Williston brings catered dinner for the Williston Police Department, courtesy of Prairie Winds Services.

Sometimes a simple thank you is enough to show appreciation, but a local oilfield company wanted to step it up when giving back to Williston’s first responders by giving them a pat on the back and a belly full of food.

Chad Norpel, President and owner of Prairie Winds Services, said that with the turmoil happening across the country, he wanted to show the city’s police officers that they’re appreciated for all they do.

Norpel and his company are strong supporters of Williston’s first responders and the community as a whole, donating to various events and fundraisers in the area. Wanting to provide the officers with a “pick-me-up,” Norpel reached out to Famous Dave’s in Williston to cater dinner during the evening’s shift change at the police department.

“We’re just a local oilfield businesses, and we just try to give back where we can.” Norpel told the Williston Herald. “Even though things are tight right now, we still want to give back. We want to let these guys know that we still got their backs.”

As a former wrestling coach in town, Norpel said many officers were former wrestlers, giving them another special place in his heart. Norpel has lived in Williston for 20-some years, coming to town “dirt-floor poor” from Colorado and making his way in the oil industry. Finding his success in the Bakken, Norpel said, is what makes him passionate about giving back to the community that welcomed him.

“The community and the oil industry has given my family tremendous blessings,” he said. “Being in the position I was in when I moved here to now, we aren’t foolish, we know that the community has blessed us in many ways, and we just need to pay that forward.”

Norpel said he believes giving back to your community is one of the most important things you can do, especially when the community has afforded so many opportunities, like he said it has for him and his family. Norpel’s children are all involved in Williston athletics, which Prairie Winds has also sponsored.

Norpel said when he reached out to the PD to offer to cater dinner, the department was very surprised and humble, but extremely thankful as well.

“It’s just hugely important to us to support our these guys,” Norpel said. “We don’t do it for any other reason except we know what it’s like not to have anything. We came from nothing and this city has done wonders for our family, so it’s just good to give back when we can. So I’m pretty excited to be able to do this for them.”

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