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Mitch and Lacee Hughes, owners of Full Circle Strength Systems in Williston, share their story at Williston State College for the monthly 1 Million Cups event.

Full Circle Strength Systems has been a part of the Williston community since 2015, and owners Mitch and Lacee Hughes visited 1 Million Cups this week to share their entrepreneurial story with those in attendance.

Different than your typical gym, Full Circle focuses on strength athletics, showcasing a variety of strongman and powerlifting equipment, as well personal and individualized training programs. The Hughes are World-Class strength athletes themselves, traveling all over the world to compete in various Strongman competitions.

Mitch recently took fifth place in the Strongman Champions League competition which was held in Laukaa, Finland in June 2019. Lacee is currently ranked third in the world for the Super Heavyweight Division for United States Strongman.

Together, the couple have competed in more than 40 competitions, and have been participating in strength sports for over a decade. The pair told the 1 Million Cups audience that they had been considering opening a strength-based gym for quite some time, but were unsure of how well it would go over in a small town like Williston. After some hard work, the pair found the help they needed to guide their dream into becoming reality.

“Starting a business is not easy in the beginning,” she said. “In fact, everybody thought we were crazy. They thought that Williston can’t support this type of gym, it’s a little too specific. So we went all over the place, and we had a local bank that supported us, and we appreciate that, they believed in us and helped us and made our dream come true.”

When not competing, the Hughes host Strongman events at their facility several times per year, bringing hundreds of competitors from across the country and Canada. The two are also very active in the Williston community, hosting events for charity and donating funds to local organizations and schools.

To find out more about Full Circle Strength Systems and find a schedule of upcoming events, call 701-774-5036, visit fullcirclestrengthsystems.weebly.com, facebook.com/fullcirclestrength1 or stop by their gym at 301 26th St. W.

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