After months of hard work, one of Williston’s favorite coffee shops has finally opened up their newest location, taking over the former Pizza Hut location.

Voted Best Coffee Shop for 2019’s Best of the Bakken Awards, Meg-A-Latte opened its doors opened at 5 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 15 at the new location, which showcases a bevy of new features, including an expanded menu, drive-thru and more space for patrons to sit and enjoy their signature beverages. On Friday afternoon, the crowd of people coming into the new shop was fairly large, but behind the counter baristas kept up with the influx of people, calling out orders in rapid succession.

“It’s been just a really nice day,” owner Megan Wold told the Williston Herald. “It’s been a nice steady day, not too nuts, but definitely not slow. It’s been a nice steady stream of people all day.”

Wold said after the months of construction, she was excited and relieved for the new location to finally be unveiled to the public.

“It feels really good to be open finally and be able to show the community what we’ve been working hard one,” she said. “It has been a lot of work, it was like building a house, but it’s very rewarding to see it finished and see the community enjoy it today.”

One of the aspects customers seemed to be enjoying most, aside from the coffee and snacks, was the coffee shop’s loft area, a second-floor sitting area reminiscent of a rustic living room, where patrons can sit and gaze out the windows along Million Dollar Way. The shop is decked out for the holidays, adding a bit of Christmas cheer to the building’s interior.

Wold’s original location on 13th Street West closed on Thursday, and after taking a bit of time to breathe, Wold said that store will soon be undergoing its own remodel as Lounge 33, a 21 and over wine, beer and espresso lounge. Wold said she hopes to have Lounge 33 open by Christmas.

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