The latest economic stats released for Williams County and Williston both show robust growth in sales tax revenue for the County.

Among these figures, Williams County’s sales tax distributions have already risen by $3 million year-to-date over receipts for the entire 2018. Williston is up by a million for the same period, through August.

Here’s a look at the rest by the numbers:

1.5 percent — Williams County unemployment rate for July. That’s down from last year’s 1.8 percent. It’s also lower than the state’s 2.4 percent which was unchanged from last year. And it beats the national rate, 3.7 percent, which is down from 4.1 percent last year.

$367.84 million — Taxable sales for Williston in the first quarter of 2019, a 14.79 percent increase year over year

$388.56 million — Taxable sales for Williams County, a 14.93 percent increase year over year.

294 — number of single-family homes sold in Williston year-to-date, through August. That’s about the same as last year’s 292. In August alone, 46 homes were sold at an average price of $276,289. That compares to 35 in 2018, at an average price of $251,464.

30 — Number of new permits issued year-to-date for 2019, totaling $6.9 million in value. That compares to 23 in 2018, totaling $5.4 million in value. In August alone for 2019, there were six permits, totaling $1.23 million in value. There were three in August last year, totaling $579,385.

59,007 — Total enplanements for 2019 year-to-date. That figure was 48,283 year over year. For August alone, there were 8,569 enplanements in 2019. Last year in August, there were 6,631.

1 — Number of new apartments or duplex permits for 2019 year-to-date. There were none for 2018, and none in August of 2019.

18 — Number of new commercial permits, which totaled $15.74 million in value. That was double 2018, which had nine permits, but the value of those totaled $28.7 million.

298 — number of building permits issued in 2019 year-to-date, totaling $47.8 million in value. Last year, there were 240 permits, totaling $51.2 million in value. In August alone, there were 59 permits totaling $8.3 million for 2019. The previous August, there were 44 permits, totaling $3.9 million.

$831,752 — The restaurant lodging tax year-to-date for 2019. That compares to $763,078 for 2018. For August alone, the tax totaled $149,969 in 2019. Last year, the total was $142,679 for August.

$382,218 — The city occupancy tax for 2019 year-to-date. For 2018, it was $309,537. For August alone in 2019, it was $77,885. Last year, it was $79,310.

60.1 — Year-to-date occupancy rate for 2019. For 2018, it was 47.6 percent. For August alone in 2019, it was 70.2 percent. Last year, it was 61.8 percent.

4512 — Williston Public School District No. 1 enrollment for August 2019. Last year it was 4323.

775 — Williams County Public School District No. 8 enrollment for August 2019. It was 650 last year.

671 — Year-to-date births, according to CHI St. Alexius Health. For 2018, it was 561. In August alone, there were 90 births in 2019. The figure was 72 last year for August.

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