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Paula Hickel talks about Job ServicesND’s new website, which was unveiled earlier this week.

Job ServicesND has updated its website, to modernize and improve mobile users experience and freshen the site’s appearance The move is part of a push to make better use of online tools for connecting job seekers and employers.“The old website was not very mobile friendly, and most folks using our website are doing it from a mobile view,” said Paula Hickel, office manager of the Williston Job ServicesND office. “The new website has a fresh new look that is consistent with the state style.”

The online address of the website remains the same,

“The biggest change, aside from getting away from the red and blue colors and getting more to a North Dakota theme, is really simplifying things,” Hickel said. “When people came to the website before, there were some redundancies and variations in languages that left people confused.”

Most of the online tools have been funneled into four large buttons in the middle of the page. There is still a menu bar up top, however, that takes users to pages more geared toward information.

“It’s really simplifying it into less choices to click on,” Hickel said.

The new site also simplifies the process of getting upcoming events. Users will no longer have to try to search for them.

“The database for job searches will remain the same for now,” Hickel said. “That is scheduled for major upgrades in February.”

The new site will be a little more streamlined when compared to modern search systems, and more user friendly.

“Its just a little bit out of date as it is,” HIckel said.

In addition to a new Web page, Job Services ND offices have made pages on Facebook that they are using to highlight new job openings and feature other services.

Hickel has been doing a live update on jobs as part of the stream from time to time, as well as occasionally featuring video of a new entrant to the Williston job market.

Hickel has already received positive feedback on the live job update. An individual who is blind is using it to keep up with job postings to help otehrs find jobs.

“In this region, we are really missing the boat if we are not on Facebook,” Hickel said. “We are missing most of the job seeking people if we are not sharing our information in these local connections groups.”

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