Williston Downtowners Association Crazy Days events took place up and down main street Williston and beyond as vendors, shopkeepers and local merchants set up outside displays of their products. The aroma of food trucks filled the air and entertainment centers for the young and old alike awaited those who came out to enjoy the numerous activities from making jewelry, painting on an open canvas of cloth to filling the sidewalk below their feet with colorful shades of chalk, drawing out their own personal creations. Arely Peters Veiiz, 10, and Mia Pita Veliz, 9, were among those taking the time to put their creative juices to work on the warm summer sidewalk as family sat relaxing and watching.

Shelby Carda and Ashley Carpenter, meanwhile, enjoyed the opportunity to be outside with their little ones riding along in their strollers. There had been quite a bit of stuff to see, they told the Williston Herald. Their favorite thing was simply having something to do, and getting out of the house with their babies, as well as just, “how nice it was to just be outside.”

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