HHR Machine

Fleetwood Gaming and Exacta Systems partnered recently, and Fleetwood will distribute HHR products (pictured above) through its Montana distribution network.

Sidney can expect to see some new gaming opportunities headed its way in the future.

Fleetwood Gaming CEO Jon Dehler announced September 4 that his company has entered into an agreement with Exacta Systems to form a joint partnership to manufacture and distribute Historic Horse Racing (HHR) machines in Montana.

The Montana Legislature will consider HHR legislation in the upcoming session, after the passage of SB 183 in 2019, which instructed the Montana Board of Horse Racing to propose legislative language surrounding HHR. The Montana horse racing and breeding industries support the introduction of HHR terminals to help sustain the equine and agriculture-based industries in the state, according to a press release from Fleetwood Gaming.

Fleetwood Gaming is one of Montana’s leading suppliers of gaming products and has five locations throughout the state including Billings, Butte, Great Falls, Missoula and Sidney. Through this partnership, Exacta’s HHR pari-mutuel wagering platform will be rolled out throughout Fleetwood’s distribution network in Montana, the release said.

“This partnership will be good for Montana jobs and economic growth. It’s an amazing opportunity for us at Fleetwood to add HHR pari-mutuel terminals to our distribution chain. Having terminals with pari-mutuel payouts that can compete with the Montana Lottery and Montana Cash finally levels the playing field and will be a win-win for all,” Dehler said.

“We are excited to have found an experienced partner like Fleetwood Gaming and Jon Dehler. HHR terminals will help enhance Fleetwood’s already strong product lines and wide distribution range throughout Montana. We look forward to bringing the HHR success story to Montana and its legendary equine industry,” said Exacta Systems President Jeremy Stein.

Montana’s population is just over one million people, but over 12.6 million tourists visited Montana in 2019 and spent $3.6 billion in the Treasure State, according to the release. The leisure betting market in Montana provides a great market opportunity for the Fleetwood-Exacta Systems HHR partnership, the release said.

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