Sloulin Field is set to be decommissioned in October, leaving acres of land available for development. The City of Williston is looking ahead to future projects for the site, including the extension of roads around the property.

In a release to the Williston Herald from the Williston Economic Development Office, the City said they are moving forward with plans to extend 16th Avenue West and 42nd Street West. The release stated that the project is critical to the City’s plan to redevelop Sloulin Field after it is decommissioned. This will open up around 800 acres of land to development along highways 2 and 85.

“We are nine weeks away from opening a new airport and we have now started to move forward on the redevelopment of Sloulin,” said Shawn Wenko, Williston Economic Development Executive Director. “Planning for this area has been ongoing since 2014. It’s exciting to see the progress.”

The release stated that the estimated $17 million projects are part of the City’s 2020 Capital Improvement Plan, and will be completed in phases as time and funding allows.

The projects include extending 16th Avenue west from 26th Street west to 42nd Street west, extending 42nd Street west from 16th Avenue west to 32nd Avenue west, developing a storm water retention system for the associated roadways and developing drainage areas in the Sloulin Field redevelopment.

Construction for the projects is set for 2020.

“We hope to get them designed this fall or winter and get either 42nd or 16th constructed next year,” David Wicke, Williston City Engineer said in a statement. “16th Avenue west will provide a route to 42nd Street west to travel east to access US Highway 2.

The connection will greatly enhance and benefit transportation and traffic flows from a large segment of citizens and businesses located west of the current airport.”

Wicke said the roadway extensions will provide greatly improved transportation to Williston’s residents.

“The new 42nd Street west extension will go past the golf course and connect to 32nd Avenue west and that will give drivers better access to the high school from the east side and a more direct route to the highway,” Wicke explained. The release added that once those roadways are complete, the Sloulin Field property will be ready for growth, which will likely include some housing and quality of life features. Wicke said his office has discussed “a few options and ideas” for the site, with Wenko adding that the site’s redevelopment is going to be Economic Development’s “next big venture” once the airport is decommissioned.

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