Two newly-opened businesses are on the move, partnering up to expand and grow their shops even further.

The Pick and Patch/Candy Crate and Benelli’s Boutique just recently opened their doors inside the Ebel Building in Williston, but business has boomed so well for them that they’re now expanding into larger spaces in the coming months. Owners Martie Abell and Nicole McKechnie said the move wasn’t what they expected so soon after opening, but that the time felt right.

“Mainly, I was running out of space!” Abell told the Williston Herald. “Things were getting stacked on top of each other and people couldn’t see what we had.”

The two stores are moving into an existing business, taking over the current seating area at Rootz, located at 910 42nd street west. Abell said the area will be walled off, creating space for both her business and Benelli’s. While Candy Crate and Benelli’s are sharing space with another business, Abell said the move will actually create larger shops for both of them.

“It’s a little something you don’t usually see, two businesses going into one space, but it worked out!” Abell said. “It gives a chance to sell a larger variety of products, as well.”

Abell’s Candy Crate will be bringing in a larger variety of candy, she explained, with a selection of bulk candy to choose from, as well as the already offered fresh cotton candy, Hammond’s candies and Candy Club selections. With Abell selling apparel and items, a partnership with McKechnie seemed a perfect fit, as Benelli’s offers a large selection of custom items, many made my McKechnie herself. With her brand’s popularity, she said, she was facing challenges in bringing in the products patrons wanted while working with the space she has.

“I already have so much stuff, but people were wanting more and I couldn’t provide it to them because of my limited space,” McKechnie explained. “I’m excited to be able to offer a different boutique to Williston, with unique items. It’s a lot of custom work, it’s not your typical boutique.”

McKechnie said along with her expanded products, she will also be offering on-the-spot custom printing, so customers can create a truly individual piece of apparel on demand.

The Pick and Patch/Candy Crate and Benelli’s Boutique will be closing their doors sometime in May, and re-opening in their new locations on June 8. Stay up-to-date on the latest by following the Pick and Patch/Candy Crate at and Benelli’s at or

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