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Books on Broadway is making some changes — expanding the business and hoping to get back to in-person events.

Owner Chuck Wilder said that the store’s coffee shop has been getting requests for quite some time to open its doors a bit earlier, and that is soon to become a reality.

“So many people have said our coffee is so good, they wished that we’d open up early in the morning,” Wilder told the Williston Herald.

Wilder said they have hired additional staff and are in the process of training them in the art of coffee creation, with the plan to begin the expanded hours in May, opening up at 7 a.m. The idea would be to try out the added hours for the summer to see how it works out. Along with their selection of coffees and snacks, Wilder said the coffee shop is hoping to create partnerships with other Main Street businesses to help cross-promote each other.

Wilder said that idea is in the planning stages, but hopes to bring it to fruition, as it will be a great opportunity to help encourage shopping downtown.

“If it’s something that takes off over the summer, we would love to continue it,” said Kyla Wilkie, Books on Broadway assistant manager. “If people want to come in and grab a cup of coffee and a book, that’s great! It’ll be something fun to try over the summer.”

As warmer weather creeps in, Wilder said Books on Broadway will be opening up their outdoor seating again in the next few weeks as well, and with the recent acquisition of a popcorn maker, the book store is ready to get back to hosting events. Wilder said there are several local authors in the region publishing books in the near future, and Books on Broadway would love to return to hosting book signings.

To stay up-to-date with the latest happening at Books on Broadway, visit them online at and williston.

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