Basin Kruzers Vice President Heather Korner, center, along with members Jonathan Korner and Scott Sackett, present a donation to Sabrina Ramey and Ashley Oyloe from the CVB for the Chokecherry Festival.

The Basin Kruzers have been sharing their eye-catching rides for over 40 years, but more than just a car club, the Kruzers have been working as a force for good in Williston community, giving back year after year to local organizations.

Started in 1976, the Kruzers have been a staple at many local events such as Band Day and Ribfest, showing off their custom and vintage rides. The group’s shows always seem to attract a crowd, which has helped the Kruzers raise funds for those in need.

Throughout the year, the Basin Kruzers hold fundraisers to raise money for the community through car shows, raffles and donations. Funds raised by the group has benefited Meals on Wheels, the Council on Aging, Eckert Foundation, the Salvation Army, Family Crisis Shelter, Christmas for Kids, Relay for Life, Williston Volunteer Fire Department and various Veterans organizations.

With 2020 being a difficult year for many non-profits due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Kruzers knew this would be a crucial time for those organizations that rely on outside funding and donations to operate.

With many of the older members moving on, the Kruzers was nearly in danger of becoming just a memory, but now Vice-President Heather Korner said she couldn’t allow that to happen, and worked to re-invigorate the club and keep the Kruzers cruising.

“I stepped in and said ‘This is something I don’t want to see go away.” Korner told the Williston Herald. “My husband and I have been a part of the club for a few years and I’ve enjoyed Band Day car shows since I was little. This is something the community loves to see. I just can’t imagine the Band Day car show not being a thing. So we’ve been working to sort of bring it back to life this year.”

Korner’s first major event was the car show at this year’s Chokecherry Festival, where the group raised around $1,300 to give back to the event. Next, the Kruzers will be appearing at Band Day Art in the Park on Saturday, Sept. 19. The group will be raising funds once again, donating proceeds to the James Memorial Art Center.

“We want to show that there is still a need to support our community.” Korner said. “There’s still organizations that are in need of money because of COVID and a lot of events being canceled. It’s a great thing for us to be able to help out and give back, and it’s something we never want to go away.”

Korner is also a member of the Williston Community Builders, another group that works tirelessly to give back to the community. As part of both organizations, Korner said she sees the need in Williston, and hopes that the funds raised can help keep the James and other organizations operational.

“I feel like a lot of people, especially this year, need a lot of assistance and a lot of financial help.” she explained. “So why not hold these events while we can and give money back to the community.”

The Basin Kruzers are still looking for individuals to register for the Band Day car show. Anyone interested in taking part in Band Day or becoming a part of the club can contact them by emailing, on Facebook at, online at or call 701-770-3224.

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