Building permits were approved for properties whose total values were close to $49 million in the city of Williston during the month of July. This number brings the permit grand total for 2012 to $191,237,910.00

According to city records over $30,313,925.00 was spent on new commercial properties in July. $14,600,880 was spent on housing projects in the area.

Weatherford International  were granted permits on the highest valued properties in the July, spending $12 million on a commercial property at 4991 133rd Drive NW. The company also got permits for properties valued at  $1,349,000 and 2,923,500  at that same address.

Schlumberger Technologies recieved  two permits for properties valued at $5,000,000 at 13959 Highway 2.

Other big commercial properties granted permits in the area include an alteration at Mercy Medical Center valued at $2,700,000, and new property owned by Wyoming Casing Services, whose location has yet to be determined. R & T Properties had two permits for properties, both valued at $500,000, at 716 8th Street E.

Halliburton received the most residential permits for their new permanent housing project on  Sleepy Ridge Ave. They were granted two permits on new apartments valued at $3,793,758 and 10 permits on new Duplexes, all valued at $332,425. Love’s Travel Stops had a permit approved for a $900,000 apartment complex.  

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