"The Magical Yet" by Angela DiTerlizzi, art by Lorena Alvarez

"The Magical Yet" by Angela DiTerlizzi, art by Lorena Alvarez c.2020, Disney Hyperion $17.99 / $23.49 Canada 40 pages

You can’t.

That’s what everybody says to you, all the time. You can’t ride your bike anywhere but the driveway. You can’t go to the store by yourself or go to bed whenever you want. So many things you can’t do but in “The Magical Yet” by Angela DiTerlizzi, illustrated by Lorena Alvarez, maybe it’s not quite the right time.

Some days, nothing goes right. You try and try to do something that everybody else in the whole world seems to be able to do and.... you can’t.

So depressing. So sad. It makes you just want to quit. You’re never going to do that again. You won’t even try. “No way. Not never.”

But wait a minute.

There’s this “major game changer – a most amazing thought re-arrange-er” that you have, and you don’t even know it. You have “The Magical Yet!”

When you were a baby, you went from drooling to talking to walking, all because of the “Yet’s magic.” You learned to dress yourself because the Yet was with you. You learned to help Mom and Dad, to draw pictures, to play ball and fly a kite and run fast, jump high, sing a song, and have a dream – all because of the “Magical Yet.”

With the Yet around, anything’s possible because the Yet is okay with mistakes and oopies and do-overs. Your Yet doesn’t care if you have to keep trying; in fact, trying is what your Yet likes best because by trying, “you’re sure to get over” any problems you might have. And then soon, you’ll be doing what you wanted to do all along.

So keep practicing. Keep “leaping, dreaming, wishing...”

“Be patient.” Everything you wish for will all work out.

“... with Yet you can get where you want to be.”

It’s the middle of summer and your whole family has been on some sort of not-normal for going on six months. Tempers flare. This isn’t easy. “The Magical Yet” may be just what you need right this minute.

If you know a child who needs an infusion of patience, this book may make a difference. Author Angela DiTerlizzi lets kids pretend that “Yet” is a sparkly creature they were born with, one that paces the trials and events in their lives and ultimately helps them accomplish their desires. With a cute, catchy, upbeat rhyme, the children in this book show that they can’t do things “yet” because they haven’t yet given it time. It’s like being reminded to be patient, but without the heavy parental sigh that often accompanies it.

Even if that were all, your child would enjoy this book but what’s a picture book without pictures? Indeed, artist Lorena Alvarez keeps little page-turners occupied with appropriately-moody, sometimes-happy illustrations that are detailed, funny, and that make this book worth reading again.

And that’s what you’ll be doing, so beware: 4-to-8-year-olds will surely be able to muster the patience to want this book on repeat. With a tale like “The Magical Yet,” your child can’t resist.

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