Comet NEOWISE visible in the northwestern sky.

Williston, along with much of the northern part of the United States, is being treated to a look at the brightest comet visible since Hale-Bopp passed overhead in 1997.

The comet, discovered in March and named Comet NEOWISE, after the telescope that spotted it, is visible both in the night and morning sky and will probably remain so for the next week or longer.

The comet, which is particularly bright, is still approaching Earth, and will be its closest on July 23. It will be about 69 million miles from the Earth at that point, passing through the constellation Ursa Major.

Comet NEOWISE is visible after sunset, where it’s low in the northwestern sky. Dark skies will make the comet easier to see. It’s also visible in the northeastern sky just above the horizon in the morning sky.

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