Did you know that automotive accidents are one of the leading causes of injuries? In 2012, more than 5.6 million car accidents were reported to law enforcement and car insurance companies, and the numbers keep growing. The attorney referral service and legal information resource Find Law says the economic cost of car accidents is estimated at $277 billion each year.

In addition to causing property damage and damage to the vehicle, car accidents can result in various bodily injuries that may impact a person's ability to function and work. Some of the more common injuries include trauma to the head, back and neck. Many different treatments can help people who have been involved in auto accidents. Including chiropractic care in treatment plans may help people decrease their pain and improve their mobility.

It is important for people involved in auto accidents to seek medical care immediately even if the need for medical attention doesn't seem readily apparent. Adrenaline can staunch symptoms, and a person may exacerbate an injury if he or she hasn't undergone a medical exam after a car accident.

Persons involved in auto accidents can visit chiropractors as part of their post-accident treatment plans. Chiropractors can perform various services to help people overcome their injuries.

· Assess invisible injuries. Whiplash can produce symptoms hours or even days after an accident. Soreness, dizziness and pain may not register on X-rays or imaging tests. However, a chiropractor may have the tools to assess injuries that result from tension, misalignment and micro-tears in ligaments and muscles.

· Reduce inflammation. Chambers Medical Group says that spinal manipulations and pressure release techniques can realign the spinal column and help release an anti-inflammatory substance through the body that can lower pain and inflammation.

· Improve pressure. Manipulations also can reduce pressure in the neck area, which in turn may ease the pain of headaches, stiffness, dizziness, and even ringing in the ears, according to the chiropractors at Pain Stop Clinics.

Chiropractic care may be used alone or in concert with other treatment options. Medical professionals can work together to provide a regimen that will ease pain and help patients get on the road to recovery.