Planning for senior pictures can be overwhelming and choosing an outfit is always top priority. At our studio showing off your style is everything and making sure you are comfortable is important. Steer clear of items that are too trendy or have words on them. Showcase your personal style, it will make you shine. From a chiffon dress with a knit cardigan to jeans and your favorite blouse, there are so many colors, textures, and patterns to consider when picking the perfect outfit. Mix & match to your heart’s content; Show who you are!

As you plan your outfit, think ahead to the finished product. High picture quality is paramount and picking colors that look good under all lighting conditions is important when trying to capture a good-looking photo. Monochromatic and complementary colors always photograph the best. Avoid reds and neon colors, especially when being photographed in a lush green setting.

Gentlemen, while a little Clark Kent will always be in style, try to avoid graphic tees. They can really date a photo and may not make sense in 10 years. If you’re taking a photo in your school uniform don’t forget the gear, such as your glove and baseball, football, cheer poms, or instrument.

Show off your culture. While you may not wear traditional clothing to school every day, feel free to pay tribute to your heritage and family traditions. Be proud of who you are and where you come from by adding props and accessories. Mix it up, bring options. Our senior sessions allow time for wardrobe changes. Be diverse! Go from casual to dressy, and maybe even a quirky fun outfit. You can also pay homage to the college you will be attending in the fall, by wearing things such as a school sweater. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, use the “first day of school” theory - Dress to Impress! This is a great place for inspiration. So, think to yourself if this was the first day of school, rather than the last, what would I wear?

Don’t forget to hire the perfect photographer. A great photographer will always make recommendations based on your style, the locations of your session, what will flatter your body type, and match your personality.

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