The first step is to determine what type of grill you want. Will it be a charcoal grill or a gas grill? If you want a quick way to cook some burgers after work then a gas grill may be best for you. Not only does it heat up quickly but you won’t have a huge mess to clean up. Who likes the charcoal ash aftermath? If you consider yourself a grill master, then you may want to show off your skills on a charcoal grill to get the best flavor/results.

What next? Now, you will have to determine the size of the grill you need. How do you decide? Consider the number of people you may be cooking for. If you like hosting dinner parties and backyard BBQs, you may need a grill that is at least 1,000 square inches. If you’re just grilling for family and a few friends then 700 to 900 square inches will work great.

Another option is a pellet grill or charcoal grill such as the Big Green Egg. Both are very versatile and your food has the great smoke flavor you love. The pellet grills are easiest to use because you can adjust to get the temperature you want and walk away. With a Big Green Egg and pellet grills you have a great variety of temperature from smoking at meat at 200 degrees to full-on grilling.

So depending on your needs and your budget there is a grill out there for you.

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