July in Williston? Let’s go down to the lake. For all you folks with boats, pontoons, jet skis and other water sports toys, how loud are they? You may need to install a durable marine audio system to keep rocking the boat. If you want to customize the audio system on your water toy, here are a few things you need to know:

Choose materials that can withstand the elements — No one wants to get to lake, ready to party, to find that their audio equipment can't handle the elements, so make sure that all of the electronics on your toys are protected against salt, sun, and water. Find marine grade equipment that is water-resistant, UV resistant, waterproof, and/ or anti-corrosion. You may need to buy a marine receiver with a coated circuit board, a water-resistant faceplate, line-level outputs for sending signals to an external amplifier, and satellite radio controls. A weatherproof faceplate cover and a watertight remote control are great accessories to add on as well. Feel free to install a universal cover for extra protection.

Boost it up! — Since you'll be listening to your music out in the open, you'll want plenty of power for clean, clear sound. Aftermarket marine receivers come with built-in 4-way amplifiers, but if you love it loud, you might want to consider adding an external amp to your system. For example, a quality marine amp will feature coated circuit boards, plated, non-corrosive connectors, and plenty of power.

Audio options — In addition to receivers, speakers, subs, and amps, you'll also find a number of marine-rated products that allow you to listen to satellite radio on the water. From satellite radio controls to connections for your iPod, today's aftermarket components offer a wide variety of entertainment options. If you have a larger system in mind, get a receiver with an auxiliary input, which will allow you to add another audio source later. And if your cruising will take you out into the wild blue, consider the entertainment value of satellite radio — the signals can reach up to 200 miles offshore.

Keep the boat rocking!

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