The weather was not a friend to the Williston or Mandan football teams on Friday, Oct. 16.

A rain, sleet and snow mixture affected both teams and the cold didn’t help either.

But in the end, the Coyotes lost 34-0 against Mandan on homecoming.

With the win, Mandan has secured a playoff spot.

Williston has yet to win a game.

But during the game, the Coyotes still had several chances to turn things around for their homecoming game.

A few things to note:

Key players tried to keep the game alive for the Coyotes. Those players were JJ Williams, Edens Dumervil and Kadin Finders.

JJ Williams is a leader on offense and has consistently been a fast runner throughout the season, always getting to where he needs to be or running the ball when the play calls for it.

As soon as the ball snaps, Kadin Finders is fast to react. He looks to where the ball needs to go and despite not having much coverage, he tries to get it there. However, he needs to get the ball down the field. Most of the time Finders hands the ball off to Williams and inches the ball down field. But, it is difficult for him to find someone who is not being blocked.

Edens Dumervil is a leader on defense. He’s made several tackles in the game, has done his best to break through the middle to get the quarterback and like Williams he is fast and can get to where he needs to be.

Mandan was struggling under the weather conditions. They used all their timeouts in the first half and have fumbled the ball at least three times. The Coyotes could have capitalized off of errors that Mandan made, but they weren’t quick enough as a team.

The Coyotes have one more game to play this season and that will be against Minot on Oct. 21. The game will be in Minot.

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