October 10, 2019 — UND’s Volcano World is said to be one of the best source of volcano information on the Web. No volcanoes are listed under North Dakota, but many layers of volcanic ash accumulated across the state during the formation of the Rocky Mountains.

Back in 1906, reports came from the Killdeer Mountains saying that some kind of volcanic action was “taking place in the depths of the earth.” A newspaper story read, “A distinct shock was felt one day last week at the mountain and for a distance of fifteen miles in every direction. Deep grumblings of the earth with occasional explosions can be distinctly heard, and those who live near the base of the mountain are divided in their opinions whether to be scared or not. If the mountain continues to show signs of having a toy volcano concealed under its outer covering, it is probable that the people living on the foothills and surrounding prairies will seek refuge in flight.”

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