Watford City went through what’s likely the largest population growth in the entire region at the start of the oil boom a decade ago, but residents say it hasn’t lost its caring character.

They’re not alone. In its latest issue, Reader’s Digest names Watford City “The Nicest Place in North Dakota,” and it was a finalist for the crown of “Nicest Place in America.”

In an article posted online, residents spoke about the way the city and McKenzie County have invested in growth. They also highlighted the city’s response to a July 2018 tornado that struck an RV park in Watford City. That storm killed a newborn baby and displaced dozens.

The community produced an outpouring of support, collecting donations for those affected. Shauna Larrabee nominated the town for the award.

The winner of “Nicest Place in America” went to Columbiana, Ohio. In surrounding states, Rapid City was named the nicest place in South Dakota, Ovando took the title in Montana and Fertile was named nicest in Minnesota.

This is the third year for the magazine’s “Nicest Place in America” search. More than 1,000 nominations came in and a panel of judges selected the 50 nicest — one for each state.

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