For customers who prefer the late-night or early-morning shopping, they might be met with some inconvenience as the once-24 hour Williston Wal-Mart looks to close its doors from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. beginning Aug. 15.

The Williston Wal-Mart is one of five facilities in North Dakota that will eliminate its 24-hour status in efforts to reallocate resources to prepare the store for business.

Unlike the Wal-Mart brand nationally, which has been criticized for paying workers low wages, in a climate of demands and protests for higher wages,  the Williston Wal-Mart remained uneffected. Due to the high wages being paid in the oil field, it was difficult to retain associates, so in 2012 the base pay was raised to $17 an hour. The Williston facility now offers one of the highest pay rates of any retailer in the country, while the rest of the Wal-Mart stores will now pay a minimum wage of $10 an hour.

Due to the oil boom, and at the time, lack of businesses to support the abrupt influx of workers to the area, the Williston Wal-Mart remained one of the highest sales volume facilities in the nation. 

Even if it is not the dominant force in the local market it once was, photos are often uploaded via social media showing barren shelves. If the Williston Wal-Mart is put into a search engine, it currently shows an image of disheveled and almost empty shelves. 

This was unacceptable to the Wal-Mart brand. 

“After researching customer shopping patterns, we made a decision that we wanted to allow a few hours of reallocations resources,” said Wal-Mart spokesman Brian Nick.

With the newly introduced closing times of the stores, it will eliminate some core associate positions. Overnight cashier and customer service manager positions will no longer be essential, Nick said. 

“Our first priority is to take care of our associates. We can have associate transferred within the store to other responsibilities,” said Nick. 

Associates have been offered other positions throughout the store or offered to change shifts. 

If all other options are exhausted and the associate is full-time and over a year of service, the associate is offered a severance, Nick said. 







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