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There is a lot of transition happening on Devils Lake right now, and I’m guessing this is the story for most of our waters in North Dakota. It’s just that time of year! Water temperatures fall at night and warm during the day. Weed growth begins to die off, and lots of food becomes available.

Whether you work in or with the energy sector in the Williston Basin, you know that it’s a constantly evolving landscape. Staying on top of it means constantly chasing that leading edge, and that’s what Energy Chaser is all about. We’ll keep you connected with what’s happening to the sector in the Bakken and beyond.

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By Nick Simonson With the youth pheasant weekend in just a few days on Sat. Oct. 1, and the general pheasant opener just a week later on Oct. 8, hunters are checking their boots, loading shells in their vests, and figuring out which parcels of their favorite hunting grounds they’ll hit when their opportunity opens...

By Nick Simonson Grass equals birds.  Habitat equals deer. Clean water equals fish.  These are the things I along with many other hunters and anglers have come to know in the outdoors. I can recall once cutting from corner to corner on a dirt field to grab the pickup truck and collect my dog and...

By Doug Leier Last week I wrote about the Game and Fish Department’s Private Land Open To Sportsmen program, which provides walk-in access to hunters on thousands of acres across the state. The PLOTS Guide, which features these walk-in tracts, also includes public land hunting access information, including more than 200 wildlife management areas totaling...

With all the latest food crazes, diets and lifestyles that are going on in this world, the loudest complaint seems to involve taste. How can I make this taste good so that my family will eat it? My spouse refuses to eat this because I got it out of my latest "diet" book... or my favorite, it…

As most gardeners are, I am overly excited at planting time. If I have the room and the weather cooperates, I usually plant way more than I can eat and preserve. One never knows what the growing season will bring, and you don’t want to be short on vegetables!

It’s that time of the year again when pumpkin spice latte enthusiasm starts becoming contagious. The peppermint lovers start shifting on the edge of their seats in anticipation of stocking up for the year, and fresh apple pies and peach crisps start baking in the oven; warming up the home an…

It’s now September and with only a few more days of summer ahead of us and the start of school behind us, a vast majority of us have started watching the days becoming noticeably shorter. For many, this is the also the unofficial start of their favorite season, football. Friday night lights,…

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