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Sen. Jon Tester believes there is still a chance for the Keystone Pipeline to get built, despite the Biden administration’s recent decision killing the pipeline’s authorization to cross in to the United States. Tester told the Sidney Herald during his statewide rural call that he is working to influence people around the president, who he believes will be able to sway Biden to change his mind.

By Nick Simonson In the cold of early spring, it’s not uncommon to see anglers patrolling those initial openwater areas for the first walleyes of the season.  As they stage for their spawning run, these fish provide a welcome bite for those looking to break out the long rod and shake the rust off with...

By Nick Simonson As a weather junkie, I know that any forecast over five days out is not to be trusted.  As an angler though, especially the glass-half-full kind who relishes the thought of the season’s first cast over running water, I know that even a 16-day experimental forecast which shows a hint at extended...

By Doug Leier My duties as an outreach biologist for the North Dakota Game and Fish Department are varied. For example, I help with other Game and Fish functions such as checking on fishing access sites, possible fish kills or conducting upland and small game surveys.  One of the surveys is a count of waterfowl...

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