Williston State College will be having two job fairs June 4-5.

The first one on June 4 will be from 1-7 p.m. and will be for Commercial Driving License (CDL) only. It will be for those seeking Class A CDL, Class A CDL Permit, Class B CDL, Class B CDL Permit and Class C CDL. This will also include endorsements such as Hazardous Material, Tank Vehicle, Doubles or Triples and Air Brakes.

On June 5 the second job fairs will take place between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. This job fair will be open to all employers and all positions.

Shawn Wenko, the Assistant Director for Williston Economic Development mentioned how the job market is.

“We estimate that at any given time, there are 3,000 job openings in the Williston area with hundreds of employers seeking employees,” Wenko said.

There is one specific type of job that has the highest demand right now. “Truck drivers have the highest demand for jobs right now,” Wenko said.

Wenko also has high expectations for the job fair. We continue to hope to help people find a job with the numerous jobs out there,” Wenko said.

Cindy Sanford, Customer Service Office Manager for Job Service North Dakota in Williston, wants to help people find jobs. “ At the job fair, we want to connect employers to potential job seekers in one central location,” Sanford said.

Ginger Meininger Customer Service Specialist and the one who directly works with the businesses, echos the same sentiment. “We want to help job seekers to find jobs,” Meininger said.

Sanford has an estimate on how many people may show up for this event. “We are hoping to see between 1,000 and 1,500 people or more,” Sanford said.

If one decides to go to this job fair you will need to bring I-9 Identification, CDL License if applicable (required for admittance on June 4) and copies of your resume.

This event will take place at Williston State College located on 1410 University Avenue.

For more information on this job fair contact Job Service North Dakota by phone at (701) 774-7900 or by email at infojswl@nd.gov.