The Bismarck Tribune, in its Thursday edition, had a comment article written by Larry Scheel from Fargo that, without negativism, summed up the race for the Senate seat.  His comment was that we have two good people and they both want what is good for the state and nation. 

In this election, the voters have a clear choice because the candidates are polar opposites.  No matter what they say or write, no matter what the television ads say their records are crystal clear.

If you support President Obama and his polices, then Heidi Heitkamp should be your choice, Heidi has supported the president on health care, the massive stimulus spending and almost every other issue.  If you want a federal government-centered society and think its best if Washington has more control of our lives and more decisions made by Washington D.C. then Heidi’s your choice.  She is a strong supporter of the ever growing federal government.

If you think that federal government is already too large and controls too much in our lives with taxes, politics and regulations, then Rick Berg is your choice.  Rick Berg has worked for the last two years in Washington so that we can keep more of our earnings, we can create more jobs with less federal taxation and keep more decisions at the local and state level.

I have noticed a number of ads that mention Rick Berg’s success in net worth.  I believe that both candidates have been successful in their respected occupations and are both probably millionaires.

Truth is that I want a successful person representing me in Washington. Heidi’s background is litigation, Rick’s is entrepreneurship.

We as voters have a clear choice and no matter who you support it’s important that you vote on Nov 6.


David Drovdal