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Go ahead, and shut down the government

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Posted: Wednesday, September 18, 2013 10:53 am

Shut it down.

There’s not much of a better option.

Once again, Congress and President Barack Obama can’t agree on a budget, a stop-gap, Obamacare, the debt ceiling, wheather the sky is blue or if they like their economy shaken or stirred.

So will someone please have the decency to just shut it down?

Shut it down before we watch another painstaking couple weeks of Obama and House Republicans take part in nothing more than a name-calling contest to see who plays chicken with the government shutdown — and more importantly who gives in and who takes the blame.

If you’re keeping score, GOP House members divided between moderates clamoring for compromise and the hard right Tea Party stammering to shut down Obamacare are leading the blame game. Meanwhile Obama is running away with the name-calling competition.

So far there’s no clear winner in the bi-annual Congressionalympics, but it’s set to be a good one.

Some GOP members are ready (again) to take down the artist formerly known as the Affordable Care Act, which we know better as Obamacare.

On the other side of their party, other Republicans closer to the left aren’t exactly targeting the health care measure and seem as if they would prefer to compromise and simply move on to more pressing issues.

Clearly, the GOP is changing its image the way it hoped after a crushing election defeat — if fighting pointless fights didn’t work before, just keeping trying, right?

Now logically, they are the ones in real control of a shutdown or not, which the mere threat of one likes to make the nation’s economy a little weak at the knees. So even more logically, if the dreaded default happens, the GOP takes a large share of the blame and gives the Democrats a new weapon to strike them — with a commander in chief sporting an-already itchy trigger finger over that whole Syria thing.

Obama not-so-subtlety called out the House GOP over its plans to end funding to Obamacare and effectively strike down the law.

Apparently Obama also hasn’t learned that blaming the House Republicans for everything has had him crying wolf for more than a few years now.

I agree with one GOP House member that it might as well pass something to send to the Senate rather than partake in a partisan screaming match.

At this point, someone needs to figure it out though so Congress can move on bills of a greater interest and impact than the ACA, like say the farm bill or fighting for a states-rights national energy policy to name a few.

So do we take the red pill and follow Obama down the rabbit hole of the ACA or do we swallow the GOP’s little blue pill of economic growth?

Frankly it doesn’t matter, because before the ACA can go into place and just after these lawmakers get voted out in 2014, the nation will be right back where it started on this argument only with some new faces and new over-spoken opinions.

It will be right back to the GOP trying to shut down the healthcare reform plan, a lame duck Obama firing public, verbal attacks and the voters waiting, watching and wondering if the government will (as it always does) avoid a shutdown.

So why not just save us the cycle and shut it down? Not like it actually shuts down when it shuts down either.

Let’s see what happens when both sides fail.

My guess is more name calling and even less action.

Right now the government shutdown is basically a toy for both parties to play with and leverage for their issue. And what happens when children don’t share well with a toy?

We take it away, we shut it down and send them to corner until they’re ready to play nice and accomplish something — even if it is deciding the color of the sky.

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