The Adult Learning Center at Williston State College was the first place in the state to offer online GED testing. March 6 was the launch date for the program.

“North Dakota is the fourth state in the Union to offer this now, and Williston was first in the state,” said Laurel Kaae, director of the Adult Learning Center.

In actual practice it doesn’t change a whole lot. The students still have to come down and do the testing in person, but they now have an option of testing online or on paper.

“They have to come to our site. They can’t just log in from home and do it. It’s an on-site online,” Kaae said.

Paper testing will be available at least through the end of the year. At that point an assessment will be done on how many students are using each method. Kaae said in 2014 all the testing will be done online. Paper tests are being phased out.

Ian Huffman, a GED student at the center said he prefers the online tests. He said it easier than the written version.

“I’ve gotten four tests out of the way. I’m coming on Thursday to do the last one. It’s taken about three to four days to do all of it,” he said.

GED testing is the primary offering at the Adult Education Center, but Kaae said that they also work one-on-one with students learning English as a second language, injured workers who need to update their college skills and people who want to go to college but have been out of school for a long time and need to be caught up to the college level.