By Jenna Ebersole

Williston Herald

Williston’s St. Joseph’s Catholic School is speeding up plans to increase security after an alleged indecent exposure incident at the school involving a 21-year-old man last week, officials said.

Robert Cheech Bigger was apprehended in connection with the Sept. 18 incident while at M&H North in Williston on Saturday and charged with five counts of indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, possession of a controlled substance (marijuana) and possession of drug paraphernalia (marijuana), according to a Williston Police Department press release. He is in custody at the Williams County Correctional Center.

Principal Julie Quamme declined to give the number of students involved in the incident but said the alleged event occurred in the building during an after-school program. The Community After School Club involves students from the school and from Williston Public School District No. 8.

“We just appreciate everything that the police did to help ensure that we have this man arrested and off the street and away from children,” Quamme said.

After the incident, Quamme said letters were sent to parents and discussion with students covered personal safety and being aware of who’s nearby.

“Our children’s safety is one of our number one priorities,” she said.

Plans were in the works for new security measures and are now moving forward more quickly, Quamme said. Cameras already in place helped catch the suspect, though the school is looking to potentially add a biometric security system that would use fingerprint identification for people entering and exiting the building.

Overall, Quamme reiterated her appreciation of the police’s work.

“We appreciate their cooperation in speeding this and getting him arrested,” she said.