Just five miles north of Watford City lies the first-of-its-kind indoor RV park that will provide relief to those living in their recreational vehicles.

The $4 million complex is owned and funded by B & H Construction and about five individual investors, with Neta Property Management overseeing the project and taking care of finances.

Tyler Sperling, Neta Property manager, said that the idea first started when B & H Construction workers were discussing how they could make a future in North Dakota will living in their RVs.

The park will have 240 units available for RV owners to rent out. There are four lease options available: a year-long lease that costs $1,300 per month, a six-month least that costs $1,400 per month, a three-month least that costs $1,500 per month, and a month-to-month lease that costs $1,600 per month.

“If they’re looking for longer term, or if they need work and are coming here for short term, we can help them out,” Sperling said.

Accepted RVs will be fifth wheels and travel trailers. Spaces will not be rented out for campers. Currently, pets are not allowed, however there may be a pet building available in the future.

Sperling said the complex was expected to be completed by July, however due to construction delays and weather, the new time frame to get the complex completed is in November. Although the complex is not finished, tenants have been reserving units and moving in since Aug. 15. Sperling said that there is still good vacancy available.

The property will include a laundry facility, mail boxes and a common area with pool tables and cooking amenities.

Sperling said the concept for the RV park was to give people living in their RVs a sense of normalcy.

“RVs were made for camping when its hot out, not for winter and snow. You can’t bundle up RVs, and you end up out there changing propane tanks all the time, and it creates a major problem,” Sperling said. “We’re not only preventing (tenants) from having to fight with the weather, but we’re giving them everything their RVs need as well.”

The monthly lease prices cover all of the utility expenses including water, electricity, propane, and the removal of septic waste.

“It’s basically an all-inclusive, long-term RV storage facility that people can live in,” Sperling said.

Sperling said that no construction expenses were spared.

“It’s not your typical construction, all of these buildings are from quality materials,” Sperling siad.

The complex will also have on-site management. Security will include surveillance of the property and tenants will have keys to the locks on the door bays.