The Lake Park Drive-In Theater is no more.

On Wednesday afternoon, workers from Adams Development tore down the theater, which has been closed since last year.

The merry go round and swing set which were staples of the drive-in theater are going to be restored and given to a local family. Everything the business knocked down will be recycled, and trees that have to be cut down will be donated to families in the area for firewood and other purposes.

“It’s a contribution to give back to the community,” said Adams Development Superintendent Steve Griffith.

Adams Development has bought the now-vacant space, which they intend to “clean up, make it look nice and hopefully develop something on it,” Griffith said, and if not, then they will just use it for another project further down the road.

“It’s a landmark, and it’s sad to see it go,” Griffith said. “But the way Williston is growing right now, there’s too much money involved. People don’t come to them anymore.”

Longtime Williston local Nancy Beard, who lives right down the street from the site and could hear the construction for days, thought initially that the theater was reopening. Beard remembers fondly going to the drive-in theater when she was younger with friends.

“We came to see double features here,” Beard said. “Just to eat popcorn and watch movies. Every good movie was here.”