As he’d promised to do, Williams County Commissioner Martin Hanson brought forward a motion to change the location of the Daryn Smith Water Depot from that granted at a Feb. 6 Commission meeting.

Hanson, however, immediately made a second motion to postpone the matter to the County Commission’s April 3 meeting, when all commissioners would likely be present.

Williams County Chairman David Montgomery was absent from the meeting, and had said previously he would have no dates he is available in March.

There was no discussion of either the amendment or its postponement by commissioners. The motion to postpone passed on a voice vote.

Auditor Beth Innis said she would tell the Vogel law firm, which is representing Smith, the matter was tabled until April.

Hanson had announced his intention to bring the motion to the floor, invoking Robert’s Rules of Order during the Feb. 20 meeting. That would have put it on the March 6 agenda. However, that meeting was cancelled due to weather.

The permit was requested by D.D. Smith Enterprises LLC for a 5-acre portion of a 33-parcel tract in the Blue Ridge Township. He wants to replace his old water depot because it’s in the middle of an irrigation system that he now wants to use.

Hanson objected to the proposed location of Smith’s new depot during the Feb. 6 meeting, saying that the township doesn’t want it where proposed.

“They’d have no problem whatsoever if it were placed in either corner here, because the township road is being used to serve an oil well down there and then it wouldn’t be across the road from a farm shed,” Hanson said at the time.

Hanson also referenced a letter sent by neighbors Winifred and Emily Smith, also raising concerns about the location.

“They are very concerned if a water depot is put in here and family or grandchildren would decide to live across the road or if they decided to sell it, it’s unsellable,” Hanson had said. “No one will buy a farmstead with a water depot across the road. They are a third of a mile away.”

The permit was approved on a 3 to 2 vote during the Feb. 6 meeting, with Hanson and Commissioner Barry Ramberg voting against it.

On other matters commissioners:

• Approved a series of bids for gravel hauling, gravel crushing, culverts and tires. They rejected a bid for a belly dump trailer, for which only one bid was received, because the original bid advertisement had some errors in the specifications.Those will be corrected and the bid opportunity re-advertised.

• Approved a request to submit two grants to the public safety grant committee, one for purchasing six new radios, and upgrading software for others at a cost of $35,629, and the other to upgrade 29 patrol rifles at a cost of $59,450.

• Heard a report from Northwest Youth Assessment Center. Revenue for the center was up slightly, and only 89 percent of the budget was spent. The total number of admissions in 2017 was 175, a 4 percent increase over 2016 admissions of 168. The average length of stay also increased 24 percent year over year to 6.03 days.

• Heard a report from Williams County Tax Director, Darcy Anderson, on the annual valuation of properties. She anticipates sending out 800 notices for properties where assessments have risen. Most of those were mobile homes, which increased 20 percent.

• Approved a conditional use permit for a home occupation requested by Mark Westphal. The site is a 148-acre parcel zoned for agriculture in the Marshall Township.

• Approved a zone change to heavy industrial requested by Williams County Planning and Zoning staff for 65.5 acres in Judson Township that is presently zoned industrial.

• Approved a conditional use permit requested by Tanya Hill to operate a commercial port-a-potty business on 120 acres in Golden Valley Township zoned agriculture.

• Tabled an agreement with Tioga for a signal road project pending additional information.

• Approved an amendment to a construction maintenance agreement for 54 miles of roadway in various locations, setting the maximum of federal funds that can be received at 90 percent of project costs, or up to $489,000. The balance is to be paid by the county.

• Adjusted terms on the Upper Missouri District Health Unit board, Weed board and Weather Modification Authority.

• Accepted resignations from Chelsea Ridge from the Park Board and from Robert Kemp from Vector Control, when Kemp’s term expires.

• Approved a new aerial flight over the county for 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional aerial photos at a cost of $200,000 every three years.

• Approved commendations for Spenser Miller (officer for overweight vehicles) and Alex Price (correctional officer) for Peace Officer of the Year 2018.


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