Building permit values in Williston jumped over $400 million in 2012 as October saw another big month.

October saw 82 permits approved by the city of Williston valued at $119 million. The city approved 20 permits at $83 million in new commercial properties, while four new apartment permits were valued at $28 million. Thirteen new home permits were approved at a value of $2.6 million.

The highest valued permit the city approved in October was the final permit for the Williston Area Recreation Center. Valued at $64,327,385, Williston Parks and Recreation District broke ground on the facility in October.

LaFave Properties’ project at 301 2nd St. E.was the highest valued apartment complex approved in October. The property’s permit was valued     at $7.8 million. Other big apartment projects approved included two projects by Proffutt, LP at 215 and 223 32nd St., valued at $6.2 million and $6.7 million respectively. Basin ET Properties had a permit approved for a $7.4 million apartment complex at 612 1st Ave. W.

Tractor and Equipment Co. had a new commercial development at 221 Niehenke St. approved at a valued of $6.8 million. A $6 million permit was approved for Site-West Development for a new commercial property at a location to be determined later. Mobile Motel had a permit for valued at $2.5 million for their development at 325 Depot Lane and Tarpey LLC had two permits approved for projects valued at $1.25 million located at 1008 5th Street East.

Two big commercial alterations were also approved by the city. Dwight and Luane Ebel had their alteration approved at 2407 2nd Ave. W. for $1.5 Million. El Rancho Corp. Inc. had a permit for their renovations approved at $1.4 million.

October’s permits took the Grand total for 2012 up to $406 million.

There have been 938 permits approved in Williston this year.