A suspect accused of possessing a bomb was formally charged Friday and appeared in court on a bond hearing Monday.

Jordan Poindexter, 21, of Williston, was charged with criminal attempt, possession of bomb, a Class A misdemeanor, in connection to a suspected bomb at Oil States Energy Services on March 14.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, Det. Cory Collings testified that authorities were called to Oil States Energy Service about a suspected pipe bomb inside a black duffle bag.

Poindexter was identified as the person associated with the device and later said he “could not figure out the wiring” for the device.

The statement also said he claimed ownership of a blue Dodge Ram turbo-diesel three-quarter ton pickup with Wyoming plates.

When interviewed by authorities, the affidavit said Poindexter indicated the device was supposed to be a “Bouncing Betty” explosive device. The device had a remote detonation option via cell phone as a “fail-safe” mechanism.

The device was designed to spray shrapnel around a certain area and Poindexter said he planned to study the shrapnel pattern.

He also indicated to authorities that chemical combination would make the device work as an explosive and that he had a circuit board with a loosened solder at his residence.

Poindexter also stated he bought the materials for the device from True Value and Home of Economy.

The Williston Police Department staked out the Oil States building the morning of Thursday, March 14 until the Minot Bomb Squad arrived for assistance.

The bomb squad sent two remote control robotic cars into building, along with an officer in an explosion-proof suit.

Authorities remained at the scene for several hours following the initial report.

Poindexter was arrested later in the day Thursday.