The James Memorial Art Center is looking for professional and amateur artists of all ages and skill levels for a community mosaic project.

Over 100 6-inch by 6-inch blank canvases will be provided to interested artists and will be displayed on Jan. 1, 2013, as one collective mosaic piece. The mosaic will be on display for 12 weeks with each piece being sold as a “blind buy” for $25 each. Pieces will be given a randomly assigned number, and buyers will purchase a certain number, rather than a certain artwork.

“It puts a lot of original artists together to express themselves on a small canvas,” said board member Clif Sundt. “Since it’s a community project, we want as much diversity as we can get.”

The mosaic idea came to life after board member Ginger Mitchell visited Door County, Wisc., which has held a community mosaic project for several years. She saw the current project in a museum and bought a book on the project to bring back to Williston.

For the project, the James is looking to collect 105 canvases and already has close to 50 artists expressing interest in participating.

“It’s fun and exciting,” Mitchell said of the mosaic. “It is certainly different, with the fact that it’s people from the community and all ages contributing a piece of art.”

With the project taking off Monday, Sundt said the board has been promoting the event on Facebook and through email. They have also gone to Williston State College and Williston High School in an effort to garner interest.

The James has no restrictions on the subject or type of material used by the artists, but the work must be appropriate for display and use only the 6x6 canvas space.

Canvas pickup for artists was opened on Monday and will be due Dec. 15. Part of the proceeds will benefit a local charity and the continuing restoration of the James. Purchasing of the artwork will begin after it goes on display in January.