Keeping tabs on the list of registered sex offenders in Williams County used to be one of the easy parts of the job for Twyla Stancel.

Nowadays, however, the Williams County Sheriff's Office deputy is swamped with new names and information that continually has to be added to the list.

"We try to keep track of this, but it gets harder and harder," Stancel said, adding she sometimes gets three calls a day concerning registered sex offenders. Usually it is the offenders themselves seeking information on what they need to do in order to be in compliance with the law.

In the past 16 months, the list has doubled. There were 43 registered sex offenders living in Williams County in October 2010, and by Feb. 1 of this year, there were 86, officials said.

The cause for growth is like everything else in the Williston area these days: Jobs, and plenty of them.

Of the nearly 90 names on the list, many are from out of state, and show a criminal past that ranges from California to Florida. The list changes constantly and is available online at Offenders are classified by risk: low, moderate and high. However, more than 30 names on list this week were listed as an "undetermined" risk.

The state is still in the process of determining those risk levels, Stancel said, whose regular job is heading up the Warrants Division at the Sheriff's Office.

For Williams County Sheriff Scott Busching, it isn't those who are on the list that he is worried about.

"What I'm concerned about are the ones that are unregistered," he said.

It's anybody's guess how many that might be, Busching said.

The Williston Police Department also keeps track of sex offenders, and Police Chief Jim Lokken said it's important to note who the high risk sex offenders are.

But the list also includes plenty of names that are not a danger to the public, such as an 18-year-old who may have dated a 16-year-old, Lokken said.

According to the law, anyone required to register as a sex offender must do so within three days of arriving in North Dakota, even if they will only be here on a temporary basis, Stancel said. Many of the offenders have to re-register every year.

And filling out that sex offender registration paperwork is keeping her busy, said Stancel, who had trouble remembering how many people were on the list before the current oil boom began about five years ago. She said she thinks there were about 20.

"We didn't keep track, because when we first started, there were so few," she said.

The following is the official list of registered sex offenders in Williams County as of Feb. 13, 2012. The individuals are listed by name, risk level, last known location and conviction.

Harold L. Allen

Risk: Undetermined

Target Logistics No. 709, Hwy. 2 and 85, Williston

Indecent liberties with a child, Norton District Court, Kan., May 7, 2001

Jason F. Aune

Risk: High

4948 132nd Road NW Williston

Sexual assault (2 counts), Big Horn County, Mont., Dec, 23, 1996

Sexual assault, Big Horn County, Mont., Feb, 1, 1988

Micheal D. Bellet

Risk: Low

706 3rd Ave. E, Williston

Corruption-solicitation of a minor, Williams County, N.D. Nov. 21, 2002

Janelle M Bird

Risk: Low

5296 134th Ave. NW, Williston

Unlawful sex with a minor, Escambia District Court, Fla., Aug. 20, 2006

Jarred Bowcut

Risk: Undetermined

Hess Man Camp - 10515 67th St. NW D4/4, Tioga, ND

Lewd conduct with a minor, Franklin District Court, ID - Aug. 16, 1999

Vernon J. Brekhus

Risk: Moderate

2715 Pheasant Run, Williston

Trans child porn via internet, US Federal Court - Feb. 15, 2000

David C. Brittain

Risk: Undetermined

413 18th Ave. E, Williston

Attempt sexual assault, Jefferson District Court, CO - July 2, 2004

Andrew T. Buffington

Risk: Undetermined

5527 Hwy 85 N., Williston

Sexual assault, Durango, CO - Dec. 22, 1995

James H. Burch

Risk: Moderate

410 4th St. W., Williston

Corruption of minors, Williams County - July 5, 2000

James. F. Burnfield

Risk: High

Vegas Motel - 2420 2nd Ave. W., Williston

Aggravated criminal sexual assault, Monroe, Ill. - Feb. 26, 1997

Ryan C. Campbell

Risk: Undetermined

PO Box 6604, Williston

Child molestation, Douglas District Court Wash. - July 1, 2000

Bret L. Coombs

Risk: Moderate

2101 32nd St. W. #101, Williston

Sex assault child posse of trust (2 counts) Mesa District Court, Wash. - April 21, 1997

Gary J. Daniel

Risk: Low

Pierre Andre 5917 Hwy 85, Williston Gross sexual imposition, Williams County, N.D. - April 6, 2009

Alan L. Dart

Risk: Undetermined

712 35th St. E, Williston

Sex offense, Lincoln District Court, Wash. - Dec. 2, 2008

Gerald O. Davis

Risk: Undetermined

Walmart parking lot, Williston

Felony sexual contact w/minor <16 - Hughes District Court, S.D. - Mar. 21, 1988

Thomas J. Dockstader

Risk: Undetermined

Krenz ranch - 102 C-10 52nd St. NW, Tioga, ND

Sexual assault on a child - Moffat District Court, Colo. - Nov. 22, 2005

Unlawful sexual contact - Moffat District Court, Colo. - Nov. 22, 2005

Keith F. Donaldson

Risk: Undetermined

2310 17th Ave. W. #203, Williston

Rape of a child - Franklin District Court, Mont. - Aug. 1, 1987

Charles R. Edwards

Risk: Undetermined

Last known employer - Push-in-pull dozer, 118 Main St., Alamo, ND

Sexual assault - Lonoke District Court, Ark. - Aug. 1, 2007

Scott L. Fennern

Risk: Undetermined

TS Transport, Williston

ATT 1st deg sex crim misconduct - Redwood District Court, Minn. - Jan 1, 1988

Andrew J. Flexhaug

Risk: Moderate

1110 University Ave, Williston

Corrupt/solicitation of minor - Williams County, N.D. - Jan. 4, 2006

Travelle M. Floyd

Risk: Low

624 1st Ave. E. #1, Williston

Aggravated criminal sexual abuse, Cook County District Court, Ill. - Dec. 12, 1997

Kevin C. Fritz

Risk: Undetermined

1314 18th St. W. #8, Williston

Lewdness with a minor, Clark dist court, Nev. - Mar. 1, 1990

Patrick S. Garner

Risk: Undetermined

413 18th St. E, Williston

Rape 3rd deg, attempt sodomy 1&3 - Jefferson District Court, Ida. - Aug. 14, 2002

Attemp sex abuse 1, Jefferson Juvenile Court, ID July 13, 1994

Andrew H. Gettier

Risk: High

5027 14th Ave. NW, Williston

Sexual assault - Williams County, N.D. - Nov. 15, 2006

Ryan M. Greenwood

Risk: Undetermined

Wal-Mart parking lot

4001 2nd Ave. W, Williston

Poss of Material, US Military Federal Court, Calif. - Sept. 3, 2009

Bradley Allen Guck

Risk: Undertimined

300 2nd St., Epping, ND

Possession of child porn, Anoka District Court, Minn. - Nov. 1, 2007

Matthew M. Hamlin

Risk: Undetermined

Neighbors Camp #3 - 16th Ave. W, Williston

Sexual delinquency of a minor, Linn District Court, Mont. - July 1, 2007

Matthew G. Hanson

Risk: Moderate

Williams County Jail, 512 4th Ave. E. Ste 202, Williston

Corrupt/solicitation of minors, Williams County District Court, N.D. - Aug. 19, 2010

Jeffrey D. Hudspeth

Risk: Moderate

14237 HW 2 W., CAMP 2, RM 6, Williston

Rape of a child (2 counts), Stevens District Court, Wash. - Mar. 11, 2003

2nd degree child molestation, Stevens District Court, Wash. - Mar. 11, 2003

Dan E. Humphreys

Risk: Low

Vegas Motel, 2420 2nd Ave W #239, Williston

Lewd behavior w/minor, Duschesne District Court, UT - Sept. 4, 1997

Byron R. Hurtson

Risk: Undetermined

14233 HWY 2, Williston, N.D.

Conviction information was not listed.

Mark Imler

Risk: Undetermined

13580 59th St. NW Lot F14, Williston

Molestation of a minor, Dekalb District Court, Ind. - June 10, 2004

Toby L. Johnson

Risk: Undetermined

2203 36th Ter, PO Box 4726, Williston

Indecent exposure, Sacramento District Court, Calif. - June 1, 2008

Jamie S. Jorstad

Risk: Low

7341 99th Ave. NW, Tioga, ND

Corruption/solicitation of minor, Williams County, N.D. - June 15, 2009

Merilyn F. Knutson

Risk: High - lifetime registrant

2006 6th Ave. W., Williston

Sexual Assault (Misd A), Traill County District Court, N.D. - Dec. 28, 2005

Robert S. Krueger

Risk: Low

Jettison Inc., 6413 Hwy 40, Tioga, N.D.

Child molestation in 1st degree, Unknown District Court, Wash. - Feb. 1, 1999

Robert A. Laducer

Risk: Low

512 5th Ave. W, Williston

Gross sexual imposition, Williams County District Court, N.D. - June 7, 2010

Carl T. Lane

Risk: Undetermined

Buffalo Trails Campground, 6700 2nd Ave W #37, Williston

Child molestation, Clark District Court, Wash. - Aug. 9, 1996

Christopher T. Lindquist

Risk: Not applicable

3906 3rd Ave. E, Williston

Child abuse & neglect, Burleigh County District Court, N.D. - May 30, 2006

Brett M. Long

Risk: Undetermined

1720 8th Ave E #17, Williston

Sexual assault, Garfield District Court, Colo. - Mar. 7, 2003

Angel R. Lund

Risk: Low

℅ Gordon & Diana Lund

40 66th St. E, Williston

Sexual assault, Williams County District Court, N.D. - Aug. 25, 2009

Renee S. Lynn

Risk: Low

1013 18th St. E, Williston

Criminal sexual conduct, Roscommon County District Court, Mich. - Jan. 7, 2000

David J. Marmon

Risk: Low

4949 132nd Rd. NW, Williston

Gross sexual imposition, Williams County District Court, N.D. - Sept. 19, 2007

Robert L. Martonson

Risk: Low

509 Washington Ave, Williston

Corruption or solicitation of minors, Williams County District Court, N.D. - Sept. 22, 2010

Roland E. Mason

Risk: Moderate

618 9th Ave. W, Williston

Gross sexual imposition, Cass County District Court, N.D. - July 10, 1991

Donnie D. McKay

Risk: Low

106 N. Torning St., PO Box 853, Tioga, ND

Criminal sexual conduct, Roseau County District Court, Minn. - April 15, 2002

Kyle L. McNary

Risk: Low

1301 13th Ave. W, Williston

Corrupt/solicitation of minor, Williams County District Court, N.D. - Jan. 2, 2002

Terry A. McNelly

Risk: Undetermined

302 N. Benson, Tioga, ND

Sexual abuse, Deschutes District Court, Ore. - April 13, 1999

Richard M. Meehan

Risk: Low

427 22nd St. E, Williston

Sex offense 3rd deg, Wicomico District Court, Md. - July 28, 2009

Robert D. Mey

Risk: Low

5917 Hwy 2 N, Williston

Corruption/solicitation of minor, Williams County District Court, N.D. - Sept. 9, 2010

Joshua P. Mills

Risk: Low

1827 21st Ave W #B, Williston

Gross sexual imposition, Grand Forks County District Court, N.D. - Oct. 9, 1998

Paul J. Montieth

Risk: Low

12 1/2 1st Ave. W, Williston

Luring minor by computer, Cass County District Court, N.D. - Aug. 20, 2003

John E. Mooney

Risk: Undetermined

5044 Round Prairie Ave, Williston

Sexual exploitation of a minor, Beadle District Court, S.D. - Nov. 3, 2009

Tony J. Moorefield

Risk: Undetermined

13589 57th St. NW Rm 1112, Williston

Agg sexual assault child, Grayson District Court, TX - Feb. 14, 1994

Ajay K. Moran

Risk: Moderate

4447 147th Ave NW, Trenton, ND

Corruption or solicitation of minors, Williams County District Court, N.D. - Oct. 9, 2007

Gerald D. Morgan

Risk: Low

906 3rd Ave. W, Williston

Sexual assault, Williams County District Court, N.D. - Mar. 31, 2000

Eugene J. Naquin

Risk: Undetermined

805 2nd Ave. W #3, Williston

Simple rape, Terrebonne Parish District Court, La. - Mar. 20, 2004

Naomi R. Negaard

Risk: Low

1605 4th St. W #B5, Williston

Corrupt/solicitation of minor, Williams County District Court, N.D. - Jan. 2, 2002

Derrick A. Nuenfeld

Risk: High

Williams County Correctional Center, 512 4th Ave. E, Williston

Corruption or solicitation of minors, Williams County District Court, N.D. - Sept. 15, 2009

Christopher L. Olson

Risk: Low

112 1st Ave W #A2, Grenora, ND

Gross sexual imposition, Divide County District Court, N.D. - Jan. 11, 2001

William Osantowski

Risk: Moderate

10515 67th St. NW, PO Box 860, Tioga, N.D.

Incest, Merrick District Court, N.D. - Jan. 12, 2006

Terry A. Owens

Risk: Undetermined

2112 Sioux St., Williston

Lews and Lascvious Molestation of Child, Alachua District Court, Fla. - Mar. 3, 2003

Trevor K. Passons

Risk: Low

1704 29th St. W, Williston

Sexual assault of child, Weld County, Colo. - June 21, 2006

Loren D. Pierson

Risk: Low

328 S. Welo, PO Box 1297, Tioga, N.D.

Sexual assault, Flathead, MT - Dec. 9, 1999

JoseCruz Roman Proo

Risk: Undetermined

Mancamp, Williston

Sexual assault of child, Unknown District Court, TX - June 11, 2004

Zyon H. Riedel

Risk: Low

McCody Concrete (last known employer), 13676 57th St. NW, Jeff Keller

Sexual intercourse without consent, Richland County, Mont. - May 20, 2003

Jacob D. Robinson

Risk: Undetermined

4501 42nd St. W, Williston

Carnal knowledge of a juvenile, Acadia District Court, La. - May 28, 2008

Lance M. Roetman

Risk: Moderate

Ensign Drilling (last known employer) 151st & 71st of Grenora Rig #71, Grenora, N.D.

Chil, Niobrara District Court, WY - June 14, 2004

Matthew B. Roterdam

Risk: Undetermined

13580 59th St. NW Lot 9, Williston

Lewdness with child, Clark District Court, Nev. - May 1, 2002

Daniel D. Sargent

Risk: Low

1223 1/2 2nd St. W, Williston

Immoral acts with a child, New Castle County, Wyo. - Dec. 18, 1990

Derek W. Schoon

Risk: Moderate

Nabors Drilling (last known employer Rig 49) 10 E. 1st Rd. N of dump, 5 mi in, Williston

Gross sex imposition, Adams County District Court, N.D. - Aug. 21, 2006

Benjamin K. Schroeder

Risk: Undetermined

402 Railroad Ave, PO Box 506, Ray, ND

Poss of child porn, Coryell District Court, TX - Feb. 22, 2001

Steven D. Scott

Risk: Low

Tioga Man Camp, 10515 67th St. NW, Tioga, N.D.

Sexual abuse of minor, US Federal Court, S.D. - June 19, 1997

Paul T. Shaw

Risk: Moderate

522 1/2 6th Ave W #2, Williston

Gross sexual imposition, Williams County District Court, N.D. - May 19, 1999

Gregory C. Sias

Risk: Undetermined

820 2nd St. W Williston (1996 Red GMC ND/JMW451)

Criminal sexual conduct, Kent District Court, Mich. - April 22, 2003

Preston C. Sonstegaard

Risk: Low

706 W. Broadway, Williston

Continuous sexual abuse of child, Williams County District Court, N.D. - Feb 2, 2009

Bruce W. Star

Risk: High

522 6th Ave. W, Williston

Gross sexual imposition, Williams County District Court, N.D. - May 20, 1999

Darrall D. Strickland

Risk: Undetermined

4622 Hwy 1804, Williston

Lewd conduct w/minor child under 16, Gooding District Court, Ida. - Feb. 18, 2004

Michael J. Towne

Risk: Undetermined

10561 52nd St. NW, Tioga, ND

Open and gross lewdness, Clark District Court, Nev. - Sept. 30, 1997

Robert E. Vogt

Risk: Moderate

217 5th St. SE, Tioga, ND

Criminal sexual conduct, Pennington District Court, Minn. - Dec. 5, 2000

Timothy L. Wanmaker

Risk: Low

4201 2nd Ave. Wl, Williston

Sexual assault, Sanders District Court, Mont. - Oct. 24, 2001

Frederic M. Watson (Alias: Fredric Watson)

Risk: Undetermined

Motel 6, 1325 19th Ave. W, Williston

Rape, Orange District Court, Calif. - May 24, 1995

Zane L. Wiggers

Risk: Undetermined

Williams County Detention Ctr, 223 E. Broadway, Williston

Attempted sexual assault, Lincoln District Court, Neb. - Dec. 20, 2006

Ricky C. Wild

Risk: Undetermined

Bakken Services, 11746 Hwy 2, Ray, ND

Sexual assault under 14, Clark District Court, Nev. - Nov. 9, 1994

Brandon K. Williams

Risk: Undetermined

Mancamp #20, By water depot, Trenton, ND

Sexual assault of child, Bexar District Court, TX - June 11, 2004

Jeffery A. Winquist

Risk: Undetermined

1906 W. 44th St, Williston

Attempted Sexual Assault, Fairbanks, Ala. - June 28, 1996

Kenneth Young

Risk: Undetermined

7953 Hwy 85, Williston

Possession of child pornography, US Federal Court, Colo. - April 25, 2007

Rex A. Young

Risk: Undetermined

203 5th Ave, Ray, ND

Lewdness with a child under 14, Clark District Court, Nev. - July 26, 1999