Kevin Klassen, principal of Rickard Elementary, in his office, which was decorated by teachers and staff in honor of Boss’ Day.

Melissa Krause • Williston Herald

Rickard Elementary Principal Kevin Klassen walked into an unexpected surprise on Monday morning.

“It sure put a smile on my face,” he said, with his room transformed into a jungle filled with a plethora of stuffed animals and his door lettered: “This place would be a zoo without you.”

Unbeknown to him, Klassen’s staff organized a surprise to celebrate National Boss’ Day. He now pieced together events from last week that was likely in preparation for Monday.

“I found it very intriguing they had stuffed animal day last week,” he mused. “I think they were setting this up. That’s my hypothesis.”

To reinforce good citizenship, classes are rewarded puzzle pieces for everyday “good citizenship” like walking quietly in the halls, he said. The first-grade he had assumed completed a puzzle and the teachers allowed for “stuffed animal day.”

It was cleverly orchestrated as to not raise question from Klassen, who is approaching his second year as Rickard’s principal.

Kindergarten teacher Dina Norby and paraprofessional Rebecca Michelson rallied the other teachers to help.

“They know how to make a person feel good,” Klassen said. “Our intent every day is to do a good job, but it’s nice to see your efforts are appreciated.”


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